The American University in Cairo Digital Archive and Research Repository (DAR Repository) is the open access home to AUC's scholarly communications, including theses, faculty publications, student projects, and departmental records and publications. "DAR" means home in Arabic, which reflects the repository's role as a "home" for scholarship and institutional records.

Submit your theses, student projects, and publications to the DAR Repository by logging in with your AUC email username and password.

If you would like to collaborate with the DAR Repository project team on an AUC records and publications project, contact us at dar@aucegypt.edu. In addition to DAR, the Rare Books and Special Collections Library has more material from its collections available in its Digital Library.

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    American University in Cairo Records and Publications [743]
    This community includes collections of newsletters, administrative records, surveys, and plans created by academic departments, administrative offices, and research centers.
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    American University in Cairo Scholarly Communications [2619]
    The American University in Cairo Scholarly Communications community includes research findings, papers, and theses authored by students, faculty, and staff.
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    Rare Books and Special Collections [1293]
    The Rare Books and Special Collections digital collection includes architectural drawings, documents, reports, photographs, and other resources available from the American University in Cairo's Rare Books and Special Collections library.

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Recently Added

  • Sheta, Dania (2018-05-23)
    An audio documentary on edutainment, education and entertainment combined, featuring three different perspectives from Yasmeen Nasser, a brand manager at Kidzania Cairo; Jaime Mendoza, a psychology professor at AUC; and ...
  • Nassar, Dina (2018-05-22)
    This audio documentary is about women who travel abroad without a friend or a family member. The idea of solo female travel is rejected in some countries, as some parents are totally against it. This documentary sheds light ...
  • Darwish, Nada (2018-05-21)
    This audio documentary discusses the life of a person who has a mental illness, and that it is something that no one has control over, yet is seen as a stigma. in this audio documentary, this mental illness is discussed ...
  • Hassan, Nada Mohamed (2018-05-20)
    This an audio documentary for showing how Cairo university "was back in the days and how it is now”. Students in the 70’s and the 80’s were completely different than now, the culture and the way of teaching were unique.
  • Ismail, Aimy (2018-05-20)
    This is an audio documentary about the restrictions and limitations veiled girls of a higher socioeconomic class face in Egypt. The narration unfolds through one of the narrators telling her story with the veil even though ...