The American University in Cairo Digital Archive and Research Repository (DAR Repository) is the open access home to AUC's scholarly communications, including theses, faculty publications, student projects, and departmental records and publications. "DAR" means home in Arabic, which reflects the repository's role as a "home" for scholarship and institutional records.

Submit your theses, student projects, and publications to the DAR Repository by logging in with your AUC email username and password.

If you would like to collaborate with the DAR Repository project team on an AUC records and publications project, contact us at dar@aucegypt.edu. In addition to DAR, the Rare Books and Special Collections Library has more material from its collections available in its Digital Library.

Communities in AUC DAR

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    American University in Cairo Records and Publications [743]
    This community includes collections of newsletters, administrative records, surveys, and plans created by academic departments, administrative offices, and research centers.
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    American University in Cairo Scholarly Communications [2410]
    The American University in Cairo Scholarly Communications community includes research findings, papers, and theses authored by students, faculty, and staff.
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    Rare Books and Special Collections [1293]
    The Rare Books and Special Collections digital collection includes architectural drawings, documents, reports, photographs, and other resources available from the American University in Cairo's Rare Books and Special Collections library.

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Recently Added

  • ElGohary, Pakinam (2017-12-17)
    This is a project produced for an Audio Production course taught by Professor Kim Fox in the American University in Cairo.
  • Mohamed, Nada (2017-12-17)
    Going to therapy does not make you crazy, it does not mean that something is wrong with you. But, in Egyptian society this is not the case. We don’t talk about depression, anxiety, or the fact that sometimes life is just ...
  • Omran, Hanady (2017-12-17)
    This audio documentary sheds light on what is pole fitness, how pole came to Egypt, and how girls in Egypt are breaking the stigma of pole practices being linked to stripping.
  • Salama, Bassant (2017-12-17)
    This audio documentary focuses on diabetic patients in Egypt who still suffer from diabetes despite taking medicine, to feel better. Three diabetic patients, Hassan Sherbiny, Mohamed Ossama and Yomna Bahaa, share some ...
  • Arafa, Jaidaa Taha (2017-12-17)
    A guy encountered a near death experience through coma, recalling how his encounter had been and how it changed his life perception afterwards. Through his experience, the documentary tackles diverse ways of viewing death ...