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  • Hassan, Yasmine (2014-12-21)
    An interview with Ahmad Abd Rabou at AUC, Egypt.
  • El Guiddawy, Nadine (2014-12-21)
    An interview conducted with Professor Green at her office. AUC, Cairo, Egypt
  • AbdelBaky, Menatalla (2014-12-21)
    Psychotherapy is very important, it help people learn about their condition and their moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Psychotherapy helps people learn how to take control of their lives and respond to challenging ...
  • Abdel Kodos, Karim (2014-12-21)
    Interview conducted with Firas Al-Atrqchi, Associate Professor of Practice and Associate Chair of the Journalism and Mass Communication Department at The American University in Cairo.
  • Fatthelbab, Reem (2014-12-21)
    An interview with Lina Mahmoud at AUC, Egypt.
  • Ibrahim, Rawan (2014-12-21)
    An interview conducted with Doctor Marwa Al-Mut'afy At AUC, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Zaghloul, Amr (2014-12-21)
    "I remembered a Rhetoric instructor adding me on Facebook, a few weeks back. I never attended class and I have never had a conversation with this man. Mr. Gibson, is what students call him. I have noticed how popular he ...
  • Hamouda, Yossra (2014-12-21)
    An interview conducted at AUC, Egypt with Dr. Rasha Abdulalla
  • Ghali, Maghie (2014-12-21)
    Interview conducted in the professor’s office on Monday 20th October 2014 at 11.45am-12.00pm.
  • Fayez, Farah (2014-12-21)
    This is an interview with Prof. Sherine Moody at AUC.
  • Botros, Gloria (2014-12-21)
    An interview with Sulaf Taha at AUC.
  • El Nakoury, Nada (2014-12-21)
    This in an interview transcript with Yomna El Guindy, conducted at El Nakoury's home in Dokki, Cairo, Egypt.