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  • El Deeb, Tarek Ahmed (2010-12-21)
    In 2001, The American University’s Arabic Language Institute (more commonly known as A-L-I) suffered from a massive electrical fire that destroyed much of the department. I’m Tarek El Deeb, let me take you back a couple ...
  • Abaza, Nazly (Nazly Abaza, 2013-12-11)
    28 and Single is an audio documentary discussing the culture of arranged marriage in Egypt through the story of my family, specifically my cousin Malak El Shishiny.
  • Gehad Fathy, Reem (2011-12-12)
  • Bauomy, Jasmin (2010-10-11)
  • Younis, Dania (2011-12-18)
  • Abdel Moaty, Mai (2012-12-12)
    Welcome to the AUC Rare Books and Special Collections Library, where you can find treasures of knowledge within the heart of the campus. The official opening of this magnificent library was in February 1992 in Tahrir ...
  • El Husseiny, Habiba (2011-05-25)
  • Abdel Rehim, Yara Ahmed (2012-05-14)
    The purposes of many student organizations at AUC have changed since the launch of the Student Union seventy-five years ago. Of course the community and the social issues have impacted these changes.
  • Farrag, Nadine (2012-05-14)
    In The American University in Cairo, many student organizations have been created over the years. Some made it up to this moment, others changed their activities, and many closed their operations completely. Only one ...
  • Risha, Lamees Hazem (2012-05-13)
    Since A-U-C started as an enlightening institution, there were a few number of students’ publications that got published. By time, different forms of publications have been produced trying to raise the A-U-C community’s ...
  • Mohammed, Adamu (2011-12-22)
  • Tawfeek, Farah Hany (12/18/2016)
    Audio Documentary: Heros Behind the Scenes This Audio Documentary tells the story of two physically disabled people who made it in life: Magdy Shahir who became a motivational speaker and Amr Osama who, after a horseback ...
  • El-Tobgy, Nada (2013-05-20)
    The fashion industry in Egypt is growing, despite a struggling economy and lack of resources. AUC Radio’s Nada El-Tobgy reports on how Egyptian designers struggle to boost to an industry that has a long way to go, giving ...
  • Abdelhafiz, Basma (2013-06-05)
    Basma Essam looks at several technological initiatives targeted at making the roads less crowded and more safe and aims to change the driving manners of the citizens of Cairo. This documentary talks about Emshi F Hartak ...
  • Khedr, Reem (2011-12-11)
  • Ali, Samah (2012-12-13)
    From what has been explained, civic engagement includes or demands the act of doing, giving or contributing. It is volunteering, out of your good will. It takes your time, your effort, your energy and sometimes your money. ...
  • Kamal, Farida (2017-05-17)
    This audio documentary aims to show the impact of the economical state of Egypt on AUC students and their parents.
  • El Gibaly, Lara (2010-12-21)
  • Malash, Yassmeen (2012-10-16)
    This is a 14-minute audio documentary that focuses on the development of underground music in Egypt, through the scope of the not-so-popular genres such as Metal. The documentary looks at how music was back in the Nineties ...
  • Mahmoud, Kanzy (2015-05-18)
    Over the years, more and more AUC (American University in Cairo) students apply for a semester abroad and come back with their stories unheard although they had some of the most enriching experiences a person can have. As ...