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  • Mostafa, Hana (2018-12-12)
    The history of the Cairo Marriott Hotel is not only a long one but an extremely rich and interesting history that acts as a change for the various rulers of Egypt during their times. This story, by student producer Hana ...
  • El Deeb, Tarek Ahmed (2010-12-21)
    In 2001, The American University’s Arabic Language Institute (more commonly known as A-L-I) suffered from a massive electrical fire that destroyed much of the department. I’m Tarek El Deeb, let me take you back a couple ...
  • Hassan, Reem (2018-12-06)
    I'm Reem Hassan, junior student at the American University in Cairo, major Communication and Media Arts. This project is for Audio Production course JRMC4460, taught by the professor Kim Fox, @ohradiogirl Balancing between ...
  • Abaza, Nazly (Nazly Abaza, 2013-12-11)
    28 and Single is an audio documentary discussing the culture of arranged marriage in Egypt through the story of my family, specifically my cousin Malak El Shishiny.
  • El Bastawisy, Nour (2018-11-11)
    This is a 3-minute audio diary about the weekend of March 1st. This is Nour El-Bastawisy, a Mass Communication junior at the American University in Cairo. This audio piece is designed for an Audio Production class and it ...
  • Mahany, Monica M. (5/29/2017)
    Over 20 years, animal abuse in Egypt has been existing. Yet, the government is not offering any solutions for this issue.And, Egyptians don't have the culture of having dogs on the streets.
  • Mahany, Monica M. (2017-05-29)
    Stray animals have been suffering in the Egyptian streets from the abuse for so long. Yet, there are no solutions offered by the government to restrict this harm that those animals face everyday.
  • Rashwan, Alia (2019-05-15)
    This audio documentary aims to show the journey of an Egyptian man who was a photojournalist for Reuters for 20 years of his life. Join Aladin Abdelnaby through his days as a photojournalist covering more than 5 wars and ...
  • Hassanien, Mariam (12/18/2016)
    This interview is for my final documentary for my audio production class. Angeliki Ckoumpi is a teacher at the Greek culture center who preferred to live in Cairo after spending the last 10 years in Athens.
  • Qandil, Hanin (2018-11-12)
    This audio diary was produced in Spring 2018 for Audio Production 460 course, and documents 3 days from the life of Hanin Qandil, a senior majoring in Multimedia Journalism at the American University in Cairo. The project ...
  • Guirguis, Sarah (2016-12-18)
    The purpose of this audio documentary is to put a microscope on the general Egyptian attitude towards unfamiliar art, specifically the types of dance that people are not used to watching on stage. Tune in to see the ...
  • Gehad Fathy, Reem (2011-12-12)
  • Zarie, Mayar (2019-05-15)
    In commemorating 100 years of the American University in Cairo, five AUC students majoring in Graphic Design, with the help of two professors, take on a noteworthy project, the AUC Centennial Coin, with sensational outcomes.
  • Bauomy, Jasmin (2010-10-11)
  • Shalaby, Rehab (2019-05-23)
    This is an audio project about American University in Cairo's Library third floor and why is it decorated and treated differently than the other floors. The image was taken from the AUC Website. The music used is ...
  • Younis, Dania (2011-12-18)
  • Abdel Moaty, Mai (2012-12-12)
    Welcome to the AUC Rare Books and Special Collections Library, where you can find treasures of knowledge within the heart of the campus. The official opening of this magnificent library was in February 1992 in Tahrir ...
  • El Behery, Omar Ramy (2018-12-12)
    Around the world, smoking has always been a controversial habit that many people would debate about. However, The American University in Cairo made an initiative to ban smoking on all of its campuses by 2019. Join Omar El ...
  • Abdel Rehim, Yara Ahmed (2012-05-14)
    The purposes of many student organizations at AUC have changed since the launch of the Student Union seventy-five years ago. Of course the community and the social issues have impacted these changes.
  • Farrag, Nadine (2012-05-14)
    In The American University in Cairo, many student organizations have been created over the years. Some made it up to this moment, others changed their activities, and many closed their operations completely. Only one ...