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  • Ghali, Maghie (5/25/2015)
    Belly dancing in Egypt was once a beautiful and highly esteemed art but has fallen from glory in the last few decades, becoming illicit and not respected.
  • Reda, Sara (2013-12-19)
    Despite the modernization phase that Egypt is passing through and the spreading of Latin dancing, many Egyptians still have negative attitudes towards dancing in general. Salsa dancing is believed to make men sissy and ...
  • Guirguis, Sarah (2016-12-05)
    In this interview, Lauren Clark talks about hip-hop in Egypt, and the importance of Egyptian youth knowing the roots of an art form and honoring the people who created the dance culture that they are now embracing.
  • Omran, Hanady (2017-12-17)
    This audio documentary sheds light on what is pole fitness, how pole came to Egypt, and how girls in Egypt are breaking the stigma of pole practices being linked to stripping.