Philanthropy Digital Library


The Philanthropy Digital Library (PDL) makes widely available a repository of the world’s knowledge on all forms of philanthropy as expressed through original documents, reports, graphics, waqf registrations, scholarly analysis in Muslim-majority countries and Muslim communities worldwide. It also houses video and audio-recorded interviews in its Voices of Philanthropy section and visual representations of philanthropy in its Visual Exhibition.

PDL covers material from 1900 to the present in English and Arabic (More languages will be included in the second phase of the project). It encompasses the diverse cultural, political and social factors influencing the practice of philanthropy, as well as the significant contributions from across Muslim-majority countries to contemporary global philanthropic practice.

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Collections in this community

  • This journal is part of PDL’s collaboration with the Women and Memory Library and Documentation Center, an affiliation of the Women and Memory Forum.
  • This collection includes documents covering the various dimensions of philanthropic practices within the Muslim world.

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