Bint al-Nil Journal


The Bint al-Nil Journal digital collection includes selected articles from the periodical that provide a record of civic engagement and philanthropy within the Egyptian feminist community.

Founded in 1948 by and educator, journalist, and reformer Durriyyah Shafiq, the Bint al-Nil, or Daughter of the Nile, the women's organization campaigns for women's rights in Egypt. The group's publication, also titled Bint al-Nil, provides insight into humanitarian efforts in the Middle East.

This journal is part of PDL’s collaboration with the Women and Memory Library and Documentation Center, an affiliation of the Women and Memory Forum. Women and Memory Forum are the copyright holders of the Bint Al Nil Collection.

Recent Submissions

  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1955-09)
    The article features women strivers from Cairo, maintaining that striving is not limited to men. Classically, women have been sharing with men in all fields.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1955-11)
    This article talks about women’s contributions to national armament as they worked at arm factories and raised funds to secure needed weapons, hence providing a model of national service.
  • Shafik, Doria (Bint Al Nil, 1955-03)
    In a reproachful tone, Doria Shafik thanks all the newspapers and magazines which attacked, and sometimes insulted her, considering such attacks free publicity for Bint Al Nil magazine.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1955-06)
    This article features a reception organized by Dr. Doria Shafiq, President of Bint Al Nil Union in honor of Edith Sampson, America's first African American female lawyer on her recent visit to Egypt where she was updated ...
  • Shafik, Doria (Bint Al Nil, 1955-06)
    This article talks about the status of women in the global arena where they reached the highest echelons of leadership in the developing countries. The top decision-making positions were no longer reserved for men. The ...