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  • Badr, Abdel-Meguid (Bint Al Nil, 1949-05)
    In this article, Abdel-Meguid Badr Pasha expresses his views on women’s political rights. Badr Pasha is in favor of settling for suffrage for the time being, maintaining that women’s representation in parliament should be ...
  • Shafik, Doria (Bint Al Nil, 1954-07)
    This article features the Cairo University celebration of its Academic Journalism Award winners which was attended by the author.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1952-11)
    This article is about a branch for the French Marie Curie Association that was newly established by Madame Sarvarian. The Association is dedicated to preparing girls for practical life.
  • Al-Khansa 
    Ibrahim Hassan, Ali (Bint Al Nil, 1949-03)
    The article sheds light on al-Khansa who established an abiding reputation for being a strong-willed woman. She was so proud of her tribe that she rejected the marriage proposal of a very famous knight in favor of her ...
  • Al-Zabbaa 
    Ibrahim Hasan, Ali (Bint Al Nil, 1949-10)
    The article traces the life of al-Zabba’, highlighting her great courage in wars and her social wit. She ruled Iraq and managed to bring victory to her people. The article relates the tragic end of al-Zabba’.
  • M. E., F. (Bint Al Nil, 1951-08)
    This article reviews one of the artistic achievements of Bint Al Nil team. A number of university students presented, under the supervision of Yousef Beck Wahbeh, a play called (The Strange Kreiton) on the Azbakiyya stage. ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1949-02)
    Nurses and nursing in general tends to evoke images of humble service and caring for the sick and infirm through compassion and love. The author maintains that if a nurse lacks beauty, knowledge and delicacy, then the ...
  • Labib, Zeinab (Bint Al Nil, 1952-03)
    This article covers women’s representation in a UN session recently held in Paris. Iraq was the first state in the Arab East to include women in official delegations. The author bitterly laments the status of women in Egypt ...
  • Mohammed, Fathi (Bint Al Nil, 1950-04)
    This article describes the relationship between art and women’s rights for art was the first to pave the way for women’s participation alongside men. The author points out that women enjoyed such a special status that ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1953-07)
    The article reports on the success of a seminar featuring a number of Egyptian actors and actresses. The author explains that the reason behind the organization of that seminar was a friend’s strong opposition to his belief ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1953-04)
    The article is about a celebration held by the American University in Cairo to honor the girl who won the 1953university elections. In her speech, Doria Shafik hailed the first-time participation of female students in ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1946)
    The article features two women; the first is a young British girl called Ursula Graham who led a tribe called Naga against a Japanese invasion in the Jungles of Burma; she protected the tribe, treated the wounded and fed ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1954-07)
    The article maintains that day after day history proves that behind every new good idea is a woman, such as the wife of the President of Guatemala, wife of India’s Nehru and Safia Zaghloul.
  • Shafik, Doria (Bint Al Nil, 1951-05)
    In this article, Doria Shafik writes in commemoration of Qasim Amin, who called for the liberation of women and their involvement in all aspects of life. Bint Al Nil followed the path of Qasim Amin and his desire to eradicate ...
  • Khamees, El-Sayyed (Bint Al Nil, 1953-04)
    This article is the Syrian Government’s invitation Doria Shafik, President of the Bint Al Nil Union to deliver a lecture series on the role of feminist movements in reshaping the Arab East. The article features an interview ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1954-11)
    This article features a ceremony held by the the Bint Al Nil Union to honor Dr. Doria Shafik who is to go on a world trip to give over 60 lectures on Egypt and Egyptian women.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1954-09)
    The article features the photo exhibition held to mark the second anniversary of the 23 July Revolution in which the Bint Al Nil journal took part.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1952-01)
    This article demonstrates that Bint Al Nil caters for men and women alike. An underpayment complaint by a (male) worker at a glass manufacture factory drove Doria Shafik to pay a visit to the factory to investigate the complaint.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1954-03)
    The article features a report on a visit made by Dr. Doria Shafik, Chief Editor of Bint Al Nil journal to Jordan to give a lecture on Arab women and the hospitality with which she was received.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1954-03)
    The article features a report on a visit made by Dr. Doria Shafik, Chief Editor of Bint Al Nil journal to Lebanon to give a lecture on women and the Arab cause. During the visit, Shafiq met with a number of eminent figures ...