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  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1950-06)
    This article talks about women’s engagement in art production. Following the French model, many Egyptian films were produced by female producers such as Asia, Marie Queeny and Madiha Yousry.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1956-09)
    The author argues that women should come to realize that gender equality means not only equal rights, but also equal duties and responsibility. The first of such duties would be to defend their homeland against menaces and ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1954-01)
    This article offers a brief analysis of the roles, status and experiences of women journalists in Egypt, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the nation's public life and culture.
  • Shafik, Doria (Bint Al Nil, 1953-11)
    The author maintains that Egyptian women will not stand idle while men give their lives in sacrifice for the freedom of their country. It is the duty of women to engage in military training and to fight shoulder to shoulder ...
  • Anton, Fayka (Bint Al Nil, 1949-01)
    The article urges women to seek employment, arguing that women’s employment does not have any negative effects on their femininity nor freedom. The author maintains that women can work in many different domains. They even ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1951-01)
    This article talks about the services that a number of associations, especially the Association of the New Woman which is headed by Princess Fayza, provide in order to improve the conditions of homeless children. The ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1954-09)
    The article features women-related news covering the past month about Queen Elithabeth, Empress Thoraya, French novelist Gabrielle Colette and other female celebrities of the time.
  • Shafik, Doria (Bint Al Nil, 1950-09)
    This article is about women's engagement in public politics, reiterating that this does not mean that they would abandon their domestic role as mother and wife. The author reassures skeptics that the engagement of ...
  • Al-Qillini, Rawhiya (Bint Al Nil, 1952-11)
    The author maintains that the era of freedom has brought along great responsibilities for women. Mothers are responsible for raising a generation of good-doers . Wives are expected to urge their husbands to remain honest ...
  • Shafik, Doria (Bint Al Nil, 1955-06)
    This article talks about the status of women in the global arena where they reached the highest echelons of leadership in the developing countries. The top decision-making positions were no longer reserved for men. The ...
  • Shafik, Doria (Bint Al Nil, 1954-09)
    In this article the author maintains that women can play a crucial role in the modern world. Everything we read in the press proves that allowing women to engage in global activities would guarantee great results.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1954-10)
    The article reviews women-related news covering the month of September 1954. Featured titles include Ambassadresses of Egypt, The New Star and The First Muslim Ambassadress.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1955-11)
    This article talks about women’s contributions to national armament as they worked at arm factories and raised funds to secure needed weapons, hence providing a model of national service.
  • Shafik, Doria (Bint Al Nil, 1953-08)
    The author wishes that Egyptian women obtain their full rights before the second year of the Egyptian Revolution winds up. She argues that women make up more than one half of the Egyptian society; hence to liberate the ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1953-11)
    The article presents a review of women-related political news of the month of November 1953 (or ‘women’s rights month’ as referred to in the article). In November, the issue of women’s rights was brought into the political ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1955-09)
    The article features women strivers from Cairo, maintaining that striving is not limited to men. Classically, women have been sharing with men in all fields.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1955-07)
    This article presents a collection of women-related news covering the month of June, such as the end of service of two foreign ambassadresses to Egypt. It also features a brief coverage of three charity parties held in June.
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1955-12)
    This article presents women-related news covering the past month, including coverage of an event that took place at the Greek Embassy with only 18 invitees and a brief feature of the wife of the British Ambassador to Egypt ...
  • Al Kileeni, Rawhiyya (Bint Al Nil, 1951-04)
    In this article, Rawhiyya Al Kileeni, discusses the central role that a mother plays in her son’s life. In addition to the attention that a mother gives to her son’s health, appearance and role in society, she must guide ...
  • Bint Al Nil (Bint Al Nil, 1950-06)
    This article is about an art exhibition by the Youth Art Group consisting of three female and five male painters. All featured works are described in detail including the name of the artist.