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Community Overview

The American University in Cairo Scholarly Communications community provides open access to theses, research findings, publications, and presentations authored by students, faculty, and staff at AUC.

Benefits of Open Access

Publishing in Open Access repositories, such as DAR, offers a number of valuable benefits for students, faculty, and staff:

  1. 1. Increased citation of your work
  2. 2. Improved ranking and visibility in search engines
  3. 3. Persistent URLs so others can link to your work
  4. 4. Preservation of your work for future generations

For more information, visit the Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook. If you would like to submit published works, check your publisher's copyright policies at SHERPA/RoMEO.

Although we advocate Open Access, you may restrict access to your research housed in DAR for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or forever.

Submission Guidelines

To upload content to the American University in Cairo Scholarly Works community, log in with your AUC email username and password using the link at the top of the page. Find the link Submissions listed under My Account, and start a new submission. Choose the collection to which you would like to submit and follow the instructions on the screen. You will be notified when your submission has been approved.

Collections in this community

  • This collection includes papers, presentations, and research findings related to the January 25th Revolution and Arab Spring authored by AUC faculty and students.
  • This collection includes research findings, publications, and presentations authored by faculty staff at AUC.
  • This collection includes presentations, research findings, publications, and projects authored by AUC students
  • This collection includes theses and dissertations authored by American University in Cairo graduate students.

Recent Submissions

  • ElGohary, Pakinam (2017-12-17)
    This is a project produced for an Audio Production course taught by Professor Kim Fox in the American University in Cairo.
  • Mohamed, Nada (2017-12-17)
    Going to therapy does not make you crazy, it does not mean that something is wrong with you. But, in Egyptian society this is not the case. We don’t talk about depression, anxiety, or the fact that sometimes life is just ...
  • Omran, Hanady (2017-12-17)
    This audio documentary sheds light on what is pole fitness, how pole came to Egypt, and how girls in Egypt are breaking the stigma of pole practices being linked to stripping.
  • Salama, Bassant (2017-12-17)
    This audio documentary focuses on diabetic patients in Egypt who still suffer from diabetes despite taking medicine, to feel better. Three diabetic patients, Hassan Sherbiny, Mohamed Ossama and Yomna Bahaa, share some ...
  • Arafa, Jaidaa Taha (2017-12-17)
    A guy encountered a near death experience through coma, recalling how his encounter had been and how it changed his life perception afterwards. Through his experience, the documentary tackles diverse ways of viewing death ...