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  • El Deeb, Tarek Ahmed (2010-12-21)
    In 2001, The American University’s Arabic Language Institute (more commonly known as A-L-I) suffered from a massive electrical fire that destroyed much of the department. I’m Tarek El Deeb, let me take you back a couple ...
  • Abaza, Nazly (Nazly Abaza, 2013-12-11)
    28 and Single is an audio documentary discussing the culture of arranged marriage in Egypt through the story of my family, specifically my cousin Malak El Shishiny.
  • El-Khalili, Sara Nassar (2011-06-12)
    The awareness function of the mass media is at the heart of civic engagement, which is fundamental for a country in transition to democracy such as Egypt. This study examined the agenda-setting impact of Egyptian nightly ...
  • Hassan, Yasmine (2014-12-21)
    An interview with Ahmad Abd Rabou at AUC, Egypt.
  • Al-Jarhi, Nuha (2011-10-03)
  • Ahmed, Mohamed (2013-02-13)
    Media convergence is a new way of present media contents to mass audiences and through which every member in the Global Society will be able to view, share, send and retain information from/to all other members as they ...
  • Fahmy, Andalib Mohamed (2016-01-17)
    The Internet has many advantages over the other media in the provision of information services especially in the field of human rights. In Egypt the image of the human rights organization has been affected severely after ...
  • Omar, Nouran (2013-05-12)
    My interview was with an AUC graduate. Her name is Youmna Mahmoud. She majored in Psychology and business. She now works in Al Mashfa Psychiatric hospital. I did my background research on her by asking a senior doctor about ...
  • El Abd, Dalia (2012-04-26)
    Alumni Yomna Gamal was interviewed about her life during and after her experience in AUC. She gave feedback of her major decisions and how she plans to carry on her life using all that she learned during college. She also ...
  • Ibrahim, Rawan Mamdouh (2015-05-19)
    This is a 15 minute interview with a friend of mine who I won't be able to mention her name for the sake of her own privacy.
  • Abdel Moaty, Mai (2012-12-12)
    Welcome to the AUC Rare Books and Special Collections Library, where you can find treasures of knowledge within the heart of the campus. The official opening of this magnificent library was in February 1992 in Tahrir ...
  • El Husseiny, Habiba (2011-05-25)
  • Abdel Rehim, Yara Ahmed (2012-05-14)
    The purposes of many student organizations at AUC have changed since the launch of the Student Union seventy-five years ago. Of course the community and the social issues have impacted these changes.
  • Farrag, Nadine (2012-05-14)
    In The American University in Cairo, many student organizations have been created over the years. Some made it up to this moment, others changed their activities, and many closed their operations completely. Only one ...
  • Risha, Lamees Hazem (2012-05-13)
    Since A-U-C started as an enlightening institution, there were a few number of students’ publications that got published. By time, different forms of publications have been produced trying to raise the A-U-C community’s ...
  • El Shiaty, Nadine (2012-12-28)
    This is an audio documentary that introduces the world of Heavy Metal, its subculture, the nature of the songs and the on going battle they face with both the society and the government. Heavy Metal is perceived in Egypt ...
  • Ghali, Maghie (2015-05-25)
    Belly dancing in Egypt was once a beautiful and highly esteemed art but has fallen from glory in the last few decades, becoming illicit and not respected.
  • Basiony, Dina Mohamed (2014-01-22)
    This study explores the discourses employed in three growingly popular global Islamic social media pages (GISMP), and examines their potential impact on identities of young Muslim followers across the globe. The initiatives ...
  • Ismail, Nadine Mohamed (Nadine Ismail, 2015-12-15)
    This audio documentary aims to present the mindset of Egyptians regarding the idea of animal welfare and animal rights in Egypt. It aims to demonstrate how far behind the Egyptian government and people are in appreciating ...
  • El Guiddawy, Nadine (2014-12-21)
    An interview conducted with Professor Green at her office. AUC, Cairo, Egypt