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  • Badr ElDin, Nahla (2014-01-26)
    After the police withdrawal in January 2011 from Egypt’ streets, Egyptians tasted another level of fear of crime. Media coverage played a visible role in heightening people’s fear of crime with its intensive and ...
  • Khalil, Nouran Hussein Mohamed Hussein (2017-05-14)
    Dabiq, the official English language publication of ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, has been widely circulated online, and has gained a relatively large audience. The study discusses the ways in which the Islamic ...
  • Omar, Nour (2019-05-22)
    This is my Capstone project about women's football in Egypt. It's a campaign aiming to raise awareness on the inequality faced by women footballers.
  • Rahmy, Mayar (2019-01-13)
    Sign language is the communication media among them. It is" a language which uses gestures instead of sound to convey meaning - combining hand shapes, orientation and movement of the hands, arms or body, facial expressions ...