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  • Omar, Nour (2018-05-20)
    This audio documentary is about online dating in Egypt with focus on Tinder, a dating application.
  • Kahil, Shereen (2012-05-14)
    Van-Leo is Armenian who came to Egypt with his family and started his life here. At age 17 Leo recognized his passion to photography and he started his dream. There was an exhibition held at AUC which showed ...
  • Rahmy, Mayar Tawfiq (SoundCloud, 2018-05-17)
    The purpose of this audio documentary is to shed light on Autism but from a more positive perspective. This audio will help clear misconceptions and show how people on the Autistic Spectrum can bring interesting and valuable ...
  • El-Tobgy, Nour (Nour El- Tobgy, 2019-12-18)
    This is a profile audio feature on my grandfather, Gamel El-Tobgy, on when he was jailed by the President of Egypt, Gamal Abd El Nassar back in 1969.
  • Abu Bakr, Serien (2019-12-18)
    The phrase 'knowledge is power' may seem a bit cliche but, really, there couldn't be a more true sentence. The most remarkable aspect in life is our ability to gather knowledge and learn, especially at a young age. However, ...
  • Azmy, Youssef (2013-05-20)
    For us Egyptians, music is as important as food and water; we listen to music all the time. Art has always been a reflection of the society. Many things in Egypt have been affected by the drawbacks in economy, politics ...
  • Abdelnour, Ezzat (2019-05-15)
    This piece gathers stories from Palestinian immigrants showcasing their pain and anguish being away from home. It aims to raise awareness on standing up against Israel's bombings on the Holy Land.
  • Mohamed Hassan, Nada (2018-05-20)
    This an audio documentary for showing how Cairo university "was back in the days and how it is now”. Students in the 70’s and the 80’s were completely different than now, the culture and the way of teaching were unique.
  • Ewida, Farida (farida ewida, 2017-12-17)
    It’s not about revealing clothes, attitude or appearance, women are sexually harassed even they are properly covered. In the past few years, Egypt’s streets haven’t been the most welcoming place for women, as they get ...
  • Aisha, Ashour (2018-12-12)
    This audio feature aims to depict the journey of Hana Gadalla, a young girl who grew up shy in Europe to a successful entrepreneur in the aesthetics business in Egypt while still proceeding her studies. This audio feature ...