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  • El Gibaly, Lara (2010-12-21)
  • El Gibaly, Lara (2010-12-21)
  • El Aggar, Joya (2018-11-12)
    My Saturday was such a normal day of the weekend. I got my coffee, and did my assignments. There was not any highlights for the day; but I enjoyed it.
  • Abdelghany, Doaa (2018-11-01)
    This track takes you into a day in my life as a student in AUC. Audio was taken on and off campus. Background Music by Doaa Abdelghany Link to transcript :…/edit?usp=sharing
  • Enein, Farah (2018-11-12)
    Farah Enein, AUC senior student, majoring in Communication and Media Arts with a minor in Business Administration. This project is done for my Audio Production course instructed by Professor Kim Fox. Script: ...
  • Tomoum, Norhan (2011-12-24)
  • Refai, Ahmed; Refai, Ahmed (2018-10-31)
    This audio diary was recorded by student Ahmed Refai for the course JRMC 4460 in Fall 2017.
  • Atwa, Amin; Mohsen, Abdallah; Abdelnasser, Salma; Mohamed, Madina (2016-12-29)
    D-Card is a payback card that is to be introduced to the Egyptian market as step one then expand to cover the Middle East and North Africa. The business is a two-sided platform with customers on one side benefiting from ...
  • Khalil, Rania (2017-12-13)
    This audio documentary revolves around the various aspects of the application of the death penalty in Egypt to figure out whether this verdict is as an effective method to combat serious crimes in Egypt. It focuses on both ...
  • Omar, Omar Mohamed Abdelkhalek (2011-12-03)
  • Malash, Yassmeen (2012-10-16)
    This is a 14-minute audio documentary that focuses on the development of underground music in Egypt, through the scope of the not-so-popular genres such as Metal. The documentary looks at how music was back in the Nineties ...
  • Taha, Jaidaa (2018-11-01)
    A brief glimpse of a usual hectic college day.
  • Mahmoud, Kanzy (2015-05-18)
    Over the years, more and more AUC (American University in Cairo) students apply for a semester abroad and come back with their stories unheard although they had some of the most enriching experiences a person can have. As ...
  • Abdel Wahab, Heba (2018-11-26)
    Welcome to my audio diary, where you get to listen to a day in my life. My name is Heba AbdelWahab. I'm a Junior, who is studying Communication and Media Arts, at the American University in Cairo. In this Audio you will ...
  • Eid, Menna (2018-11-01)
    This audio diary was recorded by student Menna Eid for the course JRMC 4460 in Fall 2017.
  • Darwish, Nada (2018-11-12)
    I am Nada Darwish. I'm a student in the American University in Cairo. I study Multimedia Journalism and I am a senior. In this track, I recorded some of the most significant incidents in my day for my Audio Diary assignment. ...
  • Al Masarani, Karim (2018-11-12)
    Karim Al-Masarani, AUC student, graduating senior majoring in Journalism. This project is for the course JRMC 4460, instructed by Professor Kim Fox. In this audio feature I give a brief walk through a day of my life. I ...
  • Helmy, Youssef (2018-11-19)
    This is an audio diary for an audio production course at The American University of Cairo Produced by: Youssef Helmy Instructed by: Professor Kim Fox Transcript link:…/edit?usp=sharing
  • El-Abeidy, Mayar (2018-12-12)
    This audio piece expresses the idea of how a sport like rowing is so addictive and impactful beyond the athletic perspective. Egyptian athletes will put a light on the beauty of Egypt in the morning and how some things in ...