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  • Hashim, Hala (2011-04-07)
  • Metwally, Hazim (2011-03-09)
  • Ashour, Aisha (2018-12-05)
    A brief visualization of my life as a student, comprised of NAT sound and audio. Produced and recorded by: Aisha Ashour script:…ssDZtyoyYRK8/edit
  • Ismail, Aimy (2018-11-12)
    Aimy Ismail, AUC student, senior majoring in Journalism. This project is for the course JRMC 4460, instructed by Professor Kim Fox. In this feature I give a glimpse of my daily life with all the chaos it has. From waking ...
  • Abdel Rahman, Seif Eddin Salama (2012-02-22)
  • Ali, Farah (2019-05-15)
    This audio feature is simply a tour around Merryland park that used to exist during the 60’s. The park is now renovated and doesn't resemble anything to the old one, so this audio will take you back to the old Merryland. ...
  • Dalle Carbonare, Diego (2015-05-26)
    Sociocultural education initiated by Leo Vygotsky strongly believes that language of instruction affects thinking. With regards to the present situation in Egypt, the present research explores the current literature on the ...
  • Zaher, Enjy (2013-05-12)
    I knew about an annual conference that is called the LEAD Conference. So I wanted to interview one of the conference crew but my only problem was that they are all students. I knew about this conference because i attended ...
  • Habashy, Maged Makram (2015-05-27)
    School leadership is an important aspect of the educational system. It has been the focus of much research because it affects many other factors in the educational process. Links are found in the literature between school ...
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (8/17/2016)
    Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein's Syllabi and Program for the LEAD summer school at the Geneva Schoo of Diplomacy
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (1/12/2016)
    Ambassador Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein meeting with Palestinian president Abou Mazen in Geneva
  • Naiem, Shaimaa Mohamed (2012-05-14)
    Art may have not started during the Egyptian revolution, but from the ancient Egyptian times. Nevertheless, the 25th of January revolution played a major role in putting a stop to suppression of the old corruption regime ...
  • Michael, Ingy N. (2012-02-22)
  • El Safty, Sarah (2015-05-18)
    This is an audio documentary about the life of a street food vendor in Egypt, touching on the food, the struggle, the dream and the people on the street.
  • AbdelWahab, Heba (Heba AbdelWahab, 2018-12-12)
    This feature is tracking down the manufacturing process of the Egyptian cotton T-shirt, and the analytic reflections on this unique process. The purpose of this feature is to simplify the long and complicated story of ...
  • Tolba, Dina (2012-12-15)
    Of the thousands of the 20th-century orientalists and western scholars, who gravitated to the Islamic world, few possessed an extraordinary curiosity and passion to record the historical and artistic heritage of ancient ...
  • Fayed, Soha (2018-12-12)
    Yara Mohamed is an AUC alumna who is an addict, this is her story on how it is like being a female addict in Egypt.
  • Abdel Rahman, Heba Mamdouh (2012-05-13)
    According to Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance (AMERA) organization in Egypt online, Egypt hosts the fifth largest refugee population in the world with official estimates of 38,000 refugees from 35 countries mostly ...
  • El Gohary, Pakinam (2018-10-31)
    This audio diary was produced in Fall 2017 and documents the life of Pakinam ElGohary, a junior majoring in Multimedia Journalism. The project was done under the supervision of Professor Kim Fox, a professor in the JRMC ...
  • Arafa, Jaidaa Taha (2017-12-17)
    A guy encountered a near death experience through coma, recalling how his encounter had been and how it changed his life perception afterwards. Through his experience, the documentary tackles diverse ways of viewing death ...