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  • Nagi, Mohamad (Interviewer); El Sabh, Omar (Interviewee)
  • Aravani, Evgenia Maria (2014-12-14)
    This is an audio documentary about Omar Samra, the first Egyptian - and youngest Arab - to climb Mt. Everest. Samra is a prime example of how anyone can overcome obstacles, and ultimately climb their own "Everests". This ...
  • Abbas, Farah (2018-11-19)
    I am Farah Abass, I am a graduating senior student at the American University In Cairo and studying Communication and Media Arts. This Audio diary project is for Audio Production Class. ...
  • ElSayed, Haya Ibrahim (5/17/2017)
    Once Upon Palestine is an audio documentary that sheds light on a very personal aspect in my life. I personally draw back to the history of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) with the assistance of Professor Ashraf ElSherif ...
  • Hamad, Ashrakat (2019-05-20)
    This audio feature aims to reveal my hands on experience with online dating in Egypt using the online dating app Tinder and the struggles I faced to produce this audio.
  • Helmy, Youssef (2018-05-13)
    This is an audio documentary done by Nour Omar and Youssef Helmy about Online dating in Egypt, with focus on Tinder, for Audio Production course at The American University in Cairo.
  • Omar, Nour (2018-05-20)
    This audio documentary is about online dating in Egypt with focus on Tinder, a dating application.
  • Mansour, Yasmeen (2018-01-11)
    In this interview, Yasmeen Nabil talks to Ashraf El-sherif, a political science professor at the American University in Cairo, about the emergence and effectiveness of political satire as a form of resistance in Egypt.
  • Al Ayyat, Soumaia (2019-02-26)
    Social-aware Opportunistic forwarding algorithms are much needed in environments which lack network infrastructure or in those that are susceptible to frequent disruptions. However, most of these algorithms are oblivious ...
  • Kahil, Shereen (2012-05-14)
    Van-Leo is Armenian who came to Egypt with his family and started his life here. At age 17 Leo recognized his passion to photography and he started his dream. There was an exhibition held at AUC which showed ...
  • Hazzaa, Aya (2018-12-06)
    This is an Audio Diary of a weekend in my, Aya Hazzaa, life. Starting with my at home experience in Maadi, all the way to The American University in Cairo, taking you on a ride on how life is through my eyes. I am a ...
  • Rahmy, Mayar Tawfiq (SoundCloud, 2018-05-17)
    The purpose of this audio documentary is to shed light on Autism but from a more positive perspective. This audio will help clear misconceptions and show how people on the Autistic Spectrum can bring interesting and valuable ...
  • Mazhar, Mariam Mohamed Akram (2017-05-18)
    This audio documentary aims to show the different struggles that people face if they do not fit into the “perfect body shape,” and how this affects them in their everyday lives and sometimes even in the process of pursuing ...
  • Varoujan, Margaret (2013-06-02)
    The aim of this study is to shed light on the parental factors that affect children’s education in Egypt in terms of access and completion of the basic education level. Schooling increases at first as children enroll, but ...
  • el Sebai, Nour (2011-09-28)
  • Hanna, Nour (2014-12-14)
    This audio documentary discusses Pepsi “Yalla Nekml Lametna” campaign of 2014 that succeeded in recalling our childhood memories through a five-minute advertisement. The main theme of “Yalla Nekml Lametna” (Lets continue ...
  • Saleh, Shahd (2013-05-20)
    The documentary addresses how society and the media affect how we perceive beauty in our daily life.
  • Sabry, Dina Gamal (2017-05-17)
    This audio documentary attempts to discuss Egypt’s rising tattoo community within a society that is heavily opposed to it.
  • Saleh, Jessica; El Kahhal, Tamima; Abou Seif, Carine (2011-12-03)