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  • Reda, Sara (2013-12-19)
    Despite the modernization phase that Egypt is passing through and the spreading of Latin dancing, many Egyptians still have negative attitudes towards dancing in general. Salsa dancing is believed to make men sissy and ...
  • Ismail, Nada (2013-12-11)
    The popular French musical, ‘Les Miserable’ has been translated into 22 languages, and now we can add one more. Throughout this documentary you will learn all about how and why Fabrica translated ‘Les Miserable’ into Arabic ...
  • Iskander, Christine Rafik (2013-06-05)
    The old art of criticism is called Hijaa’. It started in the Arabian Peninsula, where Arabs wrote it in poetry to make fun and criticize each other. This form has been in practice since the Pre-Islamic era until now in ...
  • Mahmoud, Amira (2014-12-21)
    This documentary is the result of over one month of work to track down the manufacturing process of the wooden Egyptian ahwa chair, and the analytic reflections on this unique process. The purpose of this documentary is ...
  • Guirguis, Sarah (2016-12-12)
    In this interview, Mahmoud Shoukry talks about his experience as a dancer in HOOD, the first hip-hop dance club formed at the American University in Cairo in 2003.
  • El Safty, Sarah (2015-05-18)
    This is an audio documentary about the life of a street food vendor in Egypt, touching on the food, the struggle, the dream and the people on the street.
  • El-Saeed, Salma (2015-05-25)
    This audio documentary presents a biographical account of singer Malak El Husseiny's life to show what influenced her and pushed her towards this chosen career path.
  • Adly, Mahitab (2015-05-25)
    Memories from the Egyptian Television is a documentary that takes you on a trip that begins in the 1960s and ends in the 2000s. It includes sound bites from the most famous and prominent figures in the media history. Also, ...
  • Hanna, Nour (2014-12-14)
    This audio documentary discusses Pepsi “Yalla Nekml Lametna” campaign of 2014 that succeeded in recalling our childhood memories through a five-minute advertisement. The main theme of “Yalla Nekml Lametna” (Lets continue ...
  • Mohamed, Sara Ashraf (2017-05-18)
    This audio documentary is about the social stigma recovering addicts face in Egypt due to their past addiction problems.
  • Azmy, Youssef (2013-05-20)
    For us Egyptians, music is as important as food and water; we listen to music all the time. Art has always been a reflection of the society. Many things in Egypt have been affected by the drawbacks in economy, politics ...
  • Haddara, Adham (2012-12-10)
    This is a 15 min 22 sec documentary that explores finding work in the theatre as an actor in present-day Egypt.
  • Medhat, Mostafa (American Univerity In Cairo, 2015-05-28)
    This audio documentary tells a story of a 21-year-old Egyptian male who discovered his interest in men at the age of 13 and since he decided to come out of the closet he has been discriminated by the Egyptian society, which ...