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  • Mostafa, Hana (2018-12-12)
    The history of the Cairo Marriott Hotel is not only a long one but an extremely rich and interesting history that acts as a change for the various rulers of Egypt during their times. This story, by student producer Hana ...
  • El Deeb, Tarek Ahmed (2010-12-21)
    In 2001, The American University’s Arabic Language Institute (more commonly known as A-L-I) suffered from a massive electrical fire that destroyed much of the department. I’m Tarek El Deeb, let me take you back a couple ...
  • Hassan, Reem (2018-12-06)
    I'm Reem Hassan, junior student at the American University in Cairo, major Communication and Media Arts. This project is for Audio Production course JRMC4460, taught by the professor Kim Fox, @ohradiogirl Balancing between ...
  • Abaza, Nazly (Nazly Abaza, 2013-12-11)
    28 and Single is an audio documentary discussing the culture of arranged marriage in Egypt through the story of my family, specifically my cousin Malak El Shishiny.
  • Atwa, Amin; Samir, Ahmed; Soliman, Fady (2016-12-29)
    The project is to design a 4-bit digital adder, while taking care of performance parameters: area, speed and power consumption, the team has chosen to design according to the cost function: Area*Delay*Power. The project ...
  • Said, Yomna (2018-12-16)
    This audio feature aims to shed light on the historical journey of The American University in Cairo's economics professor Adel Beshai. Dr Beshai has been in the university for more than 50 years, and in this feature, he ...
  • El Bastawisy, Nour (2018-11-11)
    This is a 3-minute audio diary about the weekend of March 1st. This is Nour El-Bastawisy, a Mass Communication junior at the American University in Cairo. This audio piece is designed for an Audio Production class and it ...
  • Mahany, Monica M. (5/29/2017)
    Over 20 years, animal abuse in Egypt has been existing. Yet, the government is not offering any solutions for this issue.And, Egyptians don't have the culture of having dogs on the streets.
  • Mahany, Monica M. (2017-05-29)
    Stray animals have been suffering in the Egyptian streets from the abuse for so long. Yet, there are no solutions offered by the government to restrict this harm that those animals face everyday.
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (5/28/2016)
    Simulation Exercise: UN special session on a Middle East Nuclear Weapon Free Zone, Supervised by Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein the Loghborough University
  • Abdelsalam, Hana (2018-01-17)
    Violence against children is a widespread phenomenon in Egypt. The education sector has a large role to play in preventing violence and promoting child-wellbeing inside and outside schools. This study reviews the literature, ...
  • Haddara, Adham (2011-03-08)
  • Hassan, Yasmine (2014-12-21)
    An interview with Ahmad Abd Rabou at AUC, Egypt.
  • Trombi, Lucia (2011-09-29)
  • Abushadi, Ehsan (2015-02-08)
    Site Analysis of Ain al-Sira, for the design of a sustainable school for AENG 453. The site analysis looks at the history of the area, the topography, the water bodies and the situation today.
  • Rashwan, Alia (2019-05-15)
    This audio documentary aims to show the journey of an Egyptian man who was a photojournalist for Reuters for 20 years of his life. Join Aladin Abdelnaby through his days as a photojournalist covering more than 5 wars and ...
  • Al-Jarhi, Nuha (2011-10-03)
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (1/16/2016)
    Ambassador Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein, Disarmament Article in "The Diplomat"
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (1/16/2016)
    News Articles for the appointment of Ambassador Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein as permanent representative to League of Arab States in Geneva
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (1/12/2016)
    Ambassador Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein, permanent representative of the League of Arab States in Geneva, meeting with Mr. Michael Moller, the Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva