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  • Harman, Graham (Center for American Architecture and Design, 2018-04-15)
    This is the published version of the lecture I gave at an architecture conference at the University of Texas at Austin in October 2016.
  • Harman, Graham (MidSea Books, 2018-05-27)
    This is my contribution to the catalog of an art show curated in Malta by Niki Young. Aesthetics is conceptualized as an unusual degree of tension between objects and their own qualities.
  • Harman, Graham (Edinburgh University Press, 2013-05-12)
    Badiou's references to Heidegger are surprisingly infrequent, given his obvious admiration for the great German think: "Out epoch can be said to have been stamped and signed by the return of the question of being. That is ...
  • Harman, Graham (Renvall, 2013-05-12)
    Bruno Latour describes his Politics of Nature as work of political ecology. Its subtitle, "How to Bring the Sciences Into Democracy," suggests a specific and limited topic, albeit an interesting one. Yet what this book ...
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (RoutledgeLondon and New York, 2012-03-26)
  • Harman, Graham (INPEX, 2013-06-29)
  • Talib, Adam (Anthem PressLondon, 2012-09-05)
    This essay shows that Richard Le Gallienne’s 1897 edition of the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám is an original literary text and that it, along with other versions of the Rubáiyát published in the same period, was a response to ...
  • Harman, Graham (SUNY Press, 2013-05-12)
    Elsewhere I have called for an object-oriented philosophy, a project inspired by the phenomenological tradition. In Husserl, we have intentional objects: apples or mailboxes that form integral units for perception even ...
  • Harman, Graham (INCM, 2012-12-13)
    It is commonly believed that the French sociologist Gabriel Tarde allows even for inanimate objects such as chemicals, atoms, and stars to be topics of sociology. This article claims otherwise. Tarde is an arch-reductionist ...
  • Urgola, Stephen (Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association, 2017-01-04)
    The Rare Books and Special Collections Library of the American University in Cairo has a long tradition of embracing collaborative partnerships, openness, and accessibility to create collections using Archives 2.0 principles ...
  • Harman, Graham (Assembly Point, 2016-12-08)
    This art catalog essay, published in 2015 in London, was originally delivered in June 2002 as a conference lecture at the annual meeting of the International Association for Philosophy and Literature (IAPL) in Rotterdam, ...
  • Harman, Graham (Edição Independente, 2013-06-29)
  • Harman, Graham (Center for American Architecture and Design, 2018-04-15)
    This is my response to a critical article in the collection by the prominent architect Patrik Schumacher.
  • Harman, Graham; Harman, Graham (Art Paper Editions, 2014-10-19)
    Spiros Hadjijanos in conversation with Graham Harman
  • Talib, Adam (OUP, 2013-10-20)
  • Harman, Graham (Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory, 2013-03-28)
    The French philosopher Tristan Garcia holds that objects must be understood in two directions, according to "that which is them" and "that in which they are." We are already familiar with what Garcia is talking about. One ...
  • Harman, Graham (Benjamins, 2013-02-07)
    This article addresses several closely linked issues: the mind-body problem, the relation between first-person and third-person descriptions, and panpyschism. First, the mind-body problem is one small part of a more basic ...
  • Amin, Galal (2015-06-22)
    As the title indicates, Prof. Galal Amin started to write his book “Zwangsglobalisierung. Die USA, die Araber und die Muslime vor und nach den Ereignissen des September 2001” [“Globalization by Force. The USA, the Arabs ...