Zeinhum Upgrading Project


Zeinhum was one of the largest squatter areas in Cairo governorate occupying 50 acres and inhabited by 4000 households. In 1999, the Egyptian Red Crescent launched a massive and comprehensive upgrading project for Zeinhum that has managed to transform Zeinhum from substandard squalid unhealthy residential area into well planned livable residential area. These upgrading efforts have adopted a comprehensive development approach that not only focused on the physical upgrading of the area but also paid substantial attention to the social inclusion and empowerment of the community dwellers. The documentation process includes a full documentation of the three stages of the project life as well as study of the social impact of the project on the lives of the Zeinhum dwellers. This latter study included focus group discussions with the community members and in-depth interviews with the services providers in Zeinhum. It also encompassed an evaluation study of a representative sample of 800 households in the community comparing the pre and post upgrading periods and assessing the impact of these upgrading efforts on the lives of the community dwellers.

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