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dc.contributor.advisor Rieker, Martina Hashim, Naseem 2013-01-29T12:55:32Z 2014-01-29T16:00:04Z 2013 Winter en 2013-01-29
dc.description.abstract This thesis examines the experience of Eritrean women in Egypt across different generations. The purpose of the study is to explore the connection between class, choice and rights in shaping the experiences of three different generations of Eritrean women living in Egypt. This research investigates the experiences of three different groups from Eritrean women in Egypt. The first group is the first generation of Eritrean women who were displaced more than thirty years ago as result of the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 1961. The second group is the second generation of Eritrean women who grew up and lived for more than two decades in Egypt. The third group is the new wave of Eritrean women who came to Egypt after the second war between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 1998. One of the main findings of this thesis is that the social exclusion of the first generation did not negatively affect the process of integration into Egyptian society of the second generation. Secondly, the transnational lives that the first generation lived lead the second generation’s rejection of their parents’ transnational marriages. One of the main reasons for the first generation of Eritrean women to choose to come to Egypt was education opportunities for their children. The subsequent new waves of Eritrean women who came to Egypt after the second war in Eretria in 1998 in contrast were driven predominantly by the search for migration opportunities. Some of the new waves of Eritrean women had already acquired Sudanese nationality prior to moving to Egypt, upon arrival they applied for refugee status. In contrast, the second generation of Eritrean women’s the lack of citizenship rights influences their decision to migrate. In general, all three generations are trying to find migration opportunities after the revolution in Egypt. en
dc.description.sponsorship First and foremost I would like to thank my adviser Dr. Martina Rieker, the idea for this project crystallized into reality with her guidance and support. I appreciate Dr. Rieker’s efforts in discussing my ideas and provide me with insightful suggestions. I also thank her for her patience and support throughout the writing process. I’m extremely grateful to my readers Dr. Agnes Czajka and Dr. Ann Lesch for taking the time from their busy schedules to discuss my ideas. I would like to thank Dr. Czajka for her insightful suggestions which enriched my thesis and my graduate experience. There are no words with which to thank my family especially my mother and my sister Mariam. Thanks to my friends for their encouragement and support throughout the academic years. To my interviewees who shared their stories, a special thanks to the first generation who sacrificed so that the second generation could become who they are today. I dedicate this research to them. Most of all, I thank my husband, Assad, for being part of my life. en
dc.format.extent 129 p. en
dc.format.medium theses en
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dc.rights Author retains all rights with regard to copyright. en
dc.subject Eritrea en
dc.subject Women en
dc.subject Social conditions en
dc.subject Emigration and immigration en
dc.subject Transnationalism en
dc.subject Cultural pluralism en
dc.subject.lcsh Thesis (M.A.)--American University in Cairo en
dc.subject.lcsh Eritreans -- Egypt -- Cairo.
dc.subject.lcsh Women refugees, Eritrean -- Egypt.
dc.subject.lcsh Humanitarian assistance -- Egypt.
dc.subject.lcsh Women immigrants -- Egypt.
dc.title Generational dynamics: Eritrean women in Egypt en
dc.type Text en
dc.subject.discipline Migration and Refugee Studies en
dc.rights.access This item is restricted for 1 year from the date issued en
dc.contributor.department American University in Cairo. Center for Migration and Refugee Studies en
dc.description.irb American University in Cairo Institutional Review Board approval has been obtained for this item. en
dc.contributor.committeeMember Lesch, Ann
dc.contributor.committeeMember Czajka, Agnes

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