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  • El Dirini, Alaa (2016-12-18)
    This interviewing project is the second part in a series of interviews for my final audio documentary produced for my Audio Production course.
  • Tawfeek, Farah Hany (2016-12-18)
    This interview was conducted with Amr Osama, an athlete who had a horseback riding accident that left him paraplegic,then shifted to ping pong.
  • Tawfeek, Farah Hany (2016-12-18)
    This is an interview with Christina Smith, mother of Magdy Shahir who suffers from Cereberal Palsy. She talks about her shock when she discovered her son's disease and how she dealt with it and raised her son to be the ...
  • Tawfeek, Farah Hany (2016-12-18)
    This is an interview with Magdy Shahir Abdel Sayed where he talks about his successes and how he inspires other disabled people. He also talks about his relationship with his mom and her support for him.
  • Ibrahim, Rawan Mamdouh (2015-05-25)
    Interview about Women oppression in Egypt.
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2012-02-27)
    After completing the course successfully, the students should: Have understood the theoretical framework of global affairs and international security; Have analyzed the application of the theoretical framework to specific ...
  • Saad, Sarah (2013-06-05)
    The way the West perceives Islam is filled with many misconceptions, especially regarding women’s right. This has consequently led to the disregard of Islamic feminists, as they are judged to be disqualified to call out ...
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2012-07-18)
    This course is about power and security in the international system. It addresses traditional and new threats to international security. Inter-State territorial and intra-State ethnic conflicts are examples of the former. ...
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2016-08-17)
    Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein's Syllabi and Program for the LEAD summer school at the Geneva Schoo of Diplomacy
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2016-01-12)
    Ambassador Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein meeting with Palestinian president Abou Mazen in Geneva
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2016-01-16)
    Links to News Articles for Appointment of Ambassador Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein as League of Arab States Permanent Representative in Geneva, and meetings conducted by him in his official capacity
  • Hassanien, Mariam (2016-12-18)
    This my first interview for my final project about the history of Egyptian greeks. My interviewee is Magdolia Fayoumi, an Egyptian greek who lived in Egypt her whole life. Moreover, Fayoumi will also mention what does ...
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2016-01-12)
    Meeting of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Geneva with the head of the Arab-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2016-05-12)
    Ambassador Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein speech at the Institute of Nuclear Security, University of Tennessee regarding a nuclear weapon free zone in the Middle East
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2016-01-16)
    Ambassador Dr. Sameh Aboul Enein at the 14th graduation ceremony from the Nato Regional Cooperation Course (NRCC)
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2016-02-10)
    Professor Sameh Aboul-Enein asks how we can establish a Middle East zone free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction
  • ElSayed, Haya Ibrahim (2017-05-17)
    Once Upon Palestine is an audio documentary that sheds light on a very personal aspect in my life. I personally draw back to the history of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) with the assistance of Professor Ashraf ElSherif ...
  • Mikhail, Miriam (2016-12-06)
    This documentary reveals the truth about the Armenians in 1915 and the Armenian Diaspora- more specifically in Egypt. After over hundred years of massacres and displacement, how they have become an integral part of the ...
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2016-02-10)
    This report has been prepared as part of the Research Grants Program of the Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club.
  • Aboul Enein, Sameh (2016-01-16)
    Public Policy and Administration Department at the American University in Cairo facebook page link