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  • Mahany, Monica M. (2017-05-29)
    Over 20 years, animal abuse in Egypt has been existing. Yet, the government is not offering any solutions for this issue.And, Egyptians don't have the culture of having dogs on the streets.
  • Hassanien, Mariam (2016-12-18)
    This interview is for my final documentary for my audio production class. Angeliki Ckoumpi is a teacher at the Greek culture center who preferred to live in Cairo after spending the last 10 years in Athens.
  • Ghali, Maghie (2015-05-25)
    Belly dancing in Egypt was once a beautiful and highly esteemed art but has fallen from glory in the last few decades, becoming illicit and not respected.
  • Baroma, Baher; (2016-12-18)
    This is my audio documentary including the script and interviews
  • Mikhail, Miriam (2016-12-12)
    This documentary reveals the truth about the Armenians in 1915 and the Armenian Diaspora- more specifically in Egypt. After over hundred years of massacres and displacement, how they have become an integral part of the ...
  • El Dirini, Alaa (2016-12-18)
    This audio documentary is about drug use and abuse in Egypt, mainly Cairo. It briefly discusses aspects of history, culture, and social norms regarding the use of different types of drugs in Egyptian society. This topic ...
  • Mariam, Hassanien (2016-12-18)
    Egypt was the home of many people from various ethnicity. Those people were as Egyptians as any other ethnic Egyptian. Armenians, Italians, Jews, and Greeks all used to live in one land until President Abdel Nasser's control ...
  • Saad, Sarah (2013-06-05)
    The way the West perceives Islam is filled with many misconceptions, especially regarding women’s right. This has consequently led to the disregard of Islamic feminists, as they are judged to be disqualified to call out ...
  • Hassanien, Mariam (2016-12-18)
    This my first interview for my final project about the history of Egyptian greeks. My interviewee is Magdolia Fayoumi, an Egyptian greek who lived in Egypt her whole life. Moreover, Fayoumi will also mention what does ...
  • ElSayed, Haya Ibrahim (2017-05-17)
    Once Upon Palestine is an audio documentary that sheds light on a very personal aspect in my life. I personally draw back to the history of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) with the assistance of Professor Ashraf ElSherif ...
  • Fouad, Heba (2015-05-19)
    This audio documentary is to clarify how Egyptian soundtracks are the key success that influences the audience’s feelings in a movie or series, through a journey of soundtracks in the history of the Egyptian Television.
  • Sakr, Merna (2017-05-18)
    This audio documentary aims to shed light on the language issue that Egyptian international school graduates face. Students in International schools enrol to receive high quality education comparable to schools in the West, ...
  • Shaalan, Youssef (2017-05-18)
    This audio documentary is a profile of a woman and her very unique garden where she teaches people, mostly children, about Egyptian culture, farming and nature.
  • Omar, El Kashawy (2015-12-16)
    This is an audio documentary about the working out scene in Cairo. Many people in Cairo, these days, started hitting the Gym and many other fit session and classes. This phenomenon is becoming overrated since many gyms are ...
  • Ibrahim, Rawan Mamdouh (2015-05-13)
    This is a 9 minute audio documentary project about women oppression in Egypt or to be precise girls oppression at home and the Egyptian society. This audio documentary was produced by Rawan Ibrahim for the audio production ...