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  • Al-Khansa 
    Ibrahim Hassan, Ali (Bint Al Nil, 1949-03)
    The article sheds light on al-Khansa who established an abiding reputation for being a strong-willed woman. She was so proud of her tribe that she rejected the marriage proposal of a very famous knight in favor of her ...
  • Ibrahim Hassan, Ali (Bint Al Nil, 1946)
    The article highlights the role of women in Islam using examples from Islamic history to illustrate this role. Women for instance went to battle jointly with men to fight and attend to the wounded; Rokaika Bint Sayfee ...
  • Khentkaus 
    Ibrahim Hassan, Ali (Bint Al Nil, 1949-02)
    The article introduces Khentkaus, probably the daughter of Pharaoh Menkaure of the 4th Dynasty. The author sheds light on her life, kingly titles, great feats of engineering, and cultural contributions.
  • Om Salmah 
    Ibrahim Hassan, Ali (Bint Al Nil, 1950-06)
    This article relates the story of Um-Salma. A woman of noble descent, Um-Salma was the widow Abu-Salma to whom she had borne several children. Abu Salma died as he was mortally wounded in the battle of Uhud. The Prophet ...
  • Sabihah 
    Ibrahim Hassan, Ali (Bint Al Nil, 1949-05)
    This article features the life of Sabihah, wife of the scholarly Caliph al-Hakam al-Mustansir billah, Umayyad ruler of Andalusia. The Caliph’s patronage of learning gave his wife the opportunity to become involved in the ...