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dc.contributor.advisor Hamdy, Naila Elias, Caroline 2019-09-17T08:14:44Z 2019-09-17T22:00:07Z Summer 2019 en_US 2019-09-17
dc.description.abstract This research aims to examine hate speech in Egyptian talk shows. Firstly, the research examines how international and Egyptian frameworks deal with the doctrine of freedom of speech and expression in relation to the hate speech issue. Secondly, the research investigates the issue of hate speech in Egyptian talk shows through holding in-depth qualitative interviews with Egyptian media practitioners, media experts, and media policy and decision-makers. The hypothesis of the study is that the spread of hate speech in Egyptian talk shows is mostly intended to serve political and institutional agendas. Therefore, the data analysis examines how hate speech is understood in Egypt, the causes of this phenomenon, its effects on the Egyptian society as well as suggested solutions to combat it. According to the data analysis, the researcher has found that the major root causes of hate speech in Egyptian talk shows are social illiteracy as well as the confusion between the right to free speech and the practicing of hate speech. In addition, according to the data analysis, the hypothesis that hate speech in Egyptian talk shows occurs mostly due to political reasons, institutional corruption or personal agendas has been confirmed. Women, refugees, oppositionists and religious minorities are subjected the most to hate speech in Egypt. Finally, policies adjustments, recommended by experts and policy makers, in order to combat hate speech or at least to dilute its effects are suggested. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship This thesis could not have been completed without the continuous support and guidance of my thesis advisor, Dr. Naila Hamdy, Associate Professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication / Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, in the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, The American University in Cairo. Dr. Hamdy, you have truthfully been a mentor to me on so many levels; not just academically, but personally as well. Your trust in me has always given me the courage to work harder and achieve more than I expect. You have never withheld any opportunity to provide me with advice and guidance throughout my studies and through the process of building my future career. I would also like to acknowledge Dr. Ghada Barsoum, Associate Professor – Chair, Department of Public Policy and Administration, The American University in Cairo, as a reader of this thesis. I am thankful to her for her very valuable comments and insightful feedback on my work throughout the past year. I would also like to acknowledge Dr. Khalid Abdel Halim, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Policy and Administration, The American University in Cairo, as a reader of this thesis. I would like to thank him for his efforts, his assistance, and valuable insights on my work throughout the past semester. I would like to deeply thank my parents, who have been my backbone and source of strength and inspiration ever since I was a young girl. You have taught me that nothing is impossible as long as I have a passion for what I am doing. You have given me the inspiration to study and work in the field of the media and journalism since the first newspaper article I wrote when I was only fourteen years old. You will always be my role model in, literally, everything. You have made me who I am today, of which I am so proud. My siblings, thank you for being in my life and for giving me all the support and love that pushed me forward. When you say that you are proud of my achievements, it makes me feel more responsible and I work harder to make you always proud of me. en_US
dc.format.extent 116 p. en_US
dc.format.medium theses en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.rights Author retains all rights with regard to copyright. en
dc.subject media en_US
dc.subject journalism en_US
dc.subject hate speech en_US
dc.subject talk shows en_US
dc.subject television en_US
dc.subject media literacy en_US
dc.subject media policy en_US
dc.subject hate crime en_US
dc.subject Egyptian media en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Thesis (M.P.P.A.)--American University in Cairo en_US
dc.title Hate speech in Egyptian television talk shows: a qualitative study en_US
dc.type Text en_US
dc.subject.discipline Journalism and Mass Communication en_US
dc.rights.access This item is available en_US
dc.contributor.department American University in Cairo. Dept. of Public Policy and Administration en_US
dc.description.irb American University in Cairo Institutional Review Board approval has been obtained for this item. en_US
dc.contributor.committeeMember Barsoum, Ghada
dc.contributor.committeeMember Abdel Halim, Khalid

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